Relevant Online supports e-commerce professionals with relevant personalisation and technical optimisation.

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What we do for our clients

What we do for our clients

Technical optimisation

Personalisation touches the heart of the webshop. Applying personalisation requires an indepth review of the complete user experience. Technical shortcomings and other flaws of the website almost always come to the surface during the integration process. In addition to personalisation Relevant Online is expert in the field of technical optimisation. Among other things we fix:

  • Incomplete product feeds
  • Tag management
  • Incorrectly implemented web analytics
  • Adjustment problems front-end and design
  • Technical issues back-end

““Together with Relevant Online we managed to tempt significantly more abandoners to return to the website and finish their purchase. The technology is use friendly and versatile and the campaigns are being managed pro-actively.”

Youri Treur / Director E-commerce & Customer Service, B.V.

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