Website personalisatie

What does Relevant Online offer?

Email- and website personalisation increases the relevancy of the content and products and therefore naturally has a positive effect on conversion, retention and lifetime value.

The budget for online advertising and for personalisation is for many e-commerce sites completely unbalanced. Improving the conversion rate and customer experience is a crucial investment and more sustainable and more profitable than generating more traffic.

The search for effective personalisation solutions is complex due to the countless number of suppliers, the overlap in functionalities between different tools and very resembling sales pitches. In addition many customers fear a complex integration- and implementation process.

Because of our knowledge of the market we are able to find effective solutions for any situation and to integrate these within the existing infrastructure of our clients. We are certified partner of several premium solutions and know the market like no other.

Importance of privacy

In a world in which retailers want to communicate increasingly personal with their (potential) clients, privacy is a big issue.

When you start personalizing your website and marketing channels, you obviously need to follow the rules regarding data-storage and privacy.

It is almost equally important to always keep the visitor in mind. What variables are at my disposal to properly estimate someone’s information needs? What do I want to show this visitor, and does it contribute to more relevance and a more pleasant experience without negatively affecting his or her sense of privacy?

The possibilities with the use of data are virtually limitless. Relevant Online has experience in finding and keeping the right balance between the use of data and the privacy perception of the user.