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Relevant Online your Google Cloud Partner

Challenges of the Cloud

Getting started in the Cloud, whether it is with Google Cloud Platform or another platform like AWS or Azure, can be overwhelming due to the amount of options
and solutions. Leveraging these enormous possibilities can be intimidating.

Relevant Online helps you to determine which tools and which architecture will best contribute to achieving your strategic goals.

Relevant Online partners with Google which allows you to take advantage of Google’s industry-leading platform and top notch infrastructure. Relevant Online helps you boost your data strategy, to scale smarter and to bring your data quality and the performance of your business to the next level.

Advantages of the Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

GCP offers a range of cloud solutions that run on the infrastructure that Google uses internally for its own products like Google Search, Youtube, Gmail and Google Drive.

When using the Google Cloud Platform (GCP), any organisation can take advantage of Google’s extremely fast, reliable and powerful infrastructure. GCP has all you need to enable data engineering, data storage and advanced analytics and its suite of applications makes it the best possible foundation for a solid data analytics setup.

GCP offers many benefits like cloud-native data- and analytics tools such as BigQuery, Looker, Cloud Functions and Cloud Storage. This makes GCP a great platform from data tracking, data ingestion, data processing to data storage and visualization.


Benefits of working with us

Expertise and knowledge
As Google Partner, Relevant Online went through training and has passed product certification exams. We get our information, training, and certification directly from Google. We provide you with expertise on how best to optimise your tech stack and ensure that you will be using the right applications and architecture to achieve your goals.

The digital world is constantly evolving and changing. When you’re working with Relevant Online, you’re working with frontrunners, a company that is up to date on all the latest developments. Google requires us as a partner to constantly learn the changes and to take recertification exams.

Getting started quickly

If you start in the Cloud from scratch, there are many potential mistakes that can be made and it might take a long time before you will reap the fruits of the Cloud. If you work with us we will help avoid many possible mistakes and we will significantly speed up the road to success through a set of best practice templates that we can customise for your organisation.

If you don’t start from scratch and have an existing setup already, we will work together with your engineers to bring your setup to the next level and make sure that you get the most out of Google Cloud.


Decreasing your Google Cloud costs
Working with us can be beneficial in terms of decreasing your costs because we monitor your Google Cloud spend. Our specialists can set up more advanced monitoring of specific Google Cloud services – which allows you to set up alerts when certain foreseen limits are exceeded.

Moreover we can keep you safe from accidental peaks in costs as a result from mistakes in Cloud project setups.

Get additional benefits for the same price
By partnering with Relevant Online, you pay the regular price Google’s Cloud solutions while enjoying additional benefits like training for your engineers and analysts, audits and strategic advice.

Whether you are ready to migrate to the cloud or you’re aiming to improve your architecture, our specialists will work together with you to get the most out of your investment in GCP.



How do we develop?

  • We work with the most populair cloud providers: Azure, AWS and Google Cloud platform
  • We build scalable cloud infrastructures with automated CI/CD pipelines
  • We help with setting up your cloud architecture, data pipelines or automation projects
  • We do our development in house


We love to learn new things and we love to share this knowledge with you.