Working at Relevant Online

Should I apply?

Your work is characterized by the fact that you and your colleagues work for various companies and brands. Being specialised in what we do and working for various companies makes us able to better understand what our clients need than our clients themselves.

We often meet candidates looking for a job in data but without a preference for working on what we call “client side” or working on “agency side”. The reason is that in many cases the differences between the two types of jobs are still unknown to many candidates.

We will try to outline here the most important differences to make your choice easier and because it is important for you and us that you make a well-considered choice.

Working on “client side”

Working on client side means you will work in a department of a company where you will do activities for a specific brand. Depending on the size of the company, there will be a specific department for data tracking, web analytics, reporting and dashboarding. You work in a team towards one goal.

Due to a lack of time, lack of capacity or lack of deep knowledge, many companies hire an external agency like us for (part of) their data challenges.

Working at relevant online

Depending on your exact specialty, you deal with a variety of activities and projects for various customers. You pro-actively provide specialised services to your customers and are responsible for the quality of these services. On some projects you work together with colleagues who provide other services for the same customer. Working for various customers, requires you to develop skills in the field of customer contact and project management. But don’t worry, you have a professional and experienced company behind you that supports and trains you where needed.

Working with us, you always have the most recent knowledge about developments in in our industry. There is always a colleague nearby who knows the latest developments in a certain area. That allows us to provide our customers with specialised knowledge at the highest possible level.

What's suits you best?

We think that working at an agency is the best thing there is. Some differences between working with us or on client side are listed below. Some will vary depending on the size of the company

At Relevant Online you:

  • Are more specialised.
  • Work on multiple projects at the same time.
  • Get to know many markets.
  • Deal with tight deadlines.
  • Are on top of changes and new technologies.
  • Do more ad hoc work / projects.
  • Have lots of freedom and responsibility.
  • Have the highest level of knowledge within the company.

At client side you:

  • You work on the same project for a longer period.
  • You are more of a generalist.
  • Work in one industry for one company.
  • Have fewer deadlines.
  • Have limited time and manpower to monitor all changes.
  • Work mostly on planned projects.
  • Usually have more control and “rules”.
  • Have external agency partners for specialist knowledge.


Are you curious about the possibility to join us?

Get in touch and we will set up a call or meeting for a mutual introduction. Obviously we will handle your interest discretely.